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Feng Shui Institute of Excellence


Study effectively – work successfully

In cooperation with other internationally recognized experts and lecturers, the Feng Shui Institute of Excellence wants to give everybody who is interested access to knowledge about classic Chinese Feng Shui and related areas of knowledge.

The Training


The purpose of the Feng Shui Institute of Excellence is to spread knowledge about classic, genuine Feng Shui. In order to achieve this goal, the institute uses traditional as well as modern teaching methods. Since its teachers do not only possess theoretical knowledge of Feng Shui but have also practical experience in its application. Students will not only gain a comprehensive understanding of Feng Shui but also learn what it can in fact achieve. The modular structure of the program allows you to decide after each course if and when you want to continue your studies. After the seminar is completed you will receive a certificate and will be given the opportunity to participate in our worldwide internet discussion forum.


The Seminars

Additional events with internationally recognized lecturers from Malaysia, Austria, Hong Kong, Singapore, England and Germany.

In order to deepen your knowledge, we regularly offer seminars on the following subjects:

– Feng Shui Flying Stars
– Business-Feng Shui
– Chinese Astrology
– Electromagnetic pollution, earth radiation
– Exercises in the practical application of Feng Shui

You can pick from the courses listed above according to your timetable and individual needs.