Chinese Astrology with Dr. Jin Peh – Level 3

About Dr. Jin Peh

Dr. Jin Peh completed his medical training and internship in Perth, Western Australia in 1996. After completing an Associate Degree in Broadcasting Journalism, Dr. Jin then went to Taipei, Taiwan in 2000. For two years, he studied Classical Mandarin and completed an apprenticeship in classical Yang and Yin House Feng Shui with Chen Chien Lee, one of Taiwan’s renewed Feng Shui masters.

From 2005 to 2011, Dr. Jin wrote a weekly Feng Shui column for Hong Kong’s main English newspaper the South China Morning Post. A collection of his columns was published in 2010 as Feng Shui: A Hong Kong Perspective.

In 2009, Dr. Jin started training with Lily Chung in the Four Pillars of Destiny.

Lily and Dr. Jin have co-authored two books: “Four Pillars of Destiny Discover Your Code To Success” and “Four Pillars of Destiny Finding Your Life Partner”.


You will never see the Four Pillars in the same way again after this class.

By incorporating the charts of students in the class, Dr. Jin Peh can discuss their chart on the relevant day. For instance, if water is the favorable element, the chart will be discussed on the first day. If earth is the useful element, the chart is discussed on the third day. The important thing is that the students are given the skills to interpret their own charts and understand the flow of their life. Priority is always given to the charts of the students in the class before the charts of family members are discussed.


Chinese Astrology with Dr. Jin Peh – Level  3                              ( 5 days)

Following Level 1, students are now able to identify and classify charts as Follow, Dominant or Competitive and then list the useful elements in the appropriate order. In Level 2, students are able to more complex charts and are instructed on how to analyse the interactions between two separate charts. The following material will be covered in Level 3:

Level Three builds on the information and knowledge that the student has gained in Levels One and Two. Areas that will be considered at this level include:

  • Looking at the compatibility between a group of individuals such as colleagues or family members
  • Further techniques for ascertaining the compatibility between couples
  • The function of the Yin Yang Mismatch Pillars in a person’s chart
  • The significance of the Empty Branches and how to apply them in a practical manner
  • Looking at the Day Pillar and what it signifies, e.g. Dictator Pillars, Secret Pillars
  • Using the Hidden Nobleman in your analysis of charts
  • Charts with multiple Travelling Horse Branches, i.e. Tiger, Snake 😎 Introducing the concept of Special Configurations
  • Using the Group of Ten theory
  • Analyzing the role of health in charts

Prerequisites: Chinese Astrology with Dr. Jin Peh, Level 1 and 2

Date: 20.11. – 24.11.2019 Potsdam

Fee: 988,00 € plus 19% VAT (Register up to 4 weeks before the course starts and receive an early bird discount of 8 %.)

Gross:  1081,66 Euro (with early bird discount)

Gross:  1175,72 Euro (without early bird discount)

Classes will be in English. German translation can be offered if necessary.