What exactly happens during a Feng Shui Consultation?

During a Feng Shui Consultation the interaction of the forms and the aspects of the landscape of a building will be analyzed. All mountains or hills, houses, streets and water flows have an energetic influence on a house.

It is the direction of a house or site that decides whether these influences bring a positive and fostering energy into the house or a more disharmonious and destructive energy. We, the people living in the house will experience the incoming and existing energy through the quality of living. in other words, the direction of a house is like a „satellite dish“ attracting the surrounding energies.

After all the aspects affecting the house from the outside have been checked in detail the Feng Shui expert will concentrate on the interior design of the house and the people living in the house.

Depending on the direction of the house each cardinal direction and thus each room of the house carries a particular energy. These energies will be analyzed one after another and either activated, directed or weakened in order to create a harmonious and powerful atmosphere.

Such an atmosphere can be created regardless of the individual style or taste. Absolutely no Chinese characters or Feng Shui objects have to be placed in the apartment or house. The classical Feng Shui uses only the cardinal directions to support each person individually.

The harmony between Yin and Yang and the supporting cycle of the Five Elements water, metal, wood, fire and earth are the fundamentals of the classical Feng Shui. By applying the classical Feng Shui methods an atmosphere of harmonious energies can be created which is an important prerequisite for a healthy and happy life. If Yin and Yang that represent the opposite sides of an aspect are balanced a comfortable ambiance will develop.

All feelings, emotions, people, characteristics, activities, jobs, seasons, meals, cardinal directions, colors, forms and time are sometimes more, sometimes less Yin or Yang.

By means of Feng Shui the polarity between Yin and Yang will be balanced thus creating a situation of an energy balance in that area. We experience this balance simply by feeling at ease in a particular room or by approaching the objectives that we aim at in our life more easily and faster. If the energy in our house is increased and balanced we can fell a comfortable harmony and energy.

Take advantage of a live with more harmony, success, happiness and quality.

There are different systems that I use during a Feng Shui consultation:

San He – Analysis of te Landscape
Ba Zhai – Quality of the direction
Form School – Environment and interior structures
San Yuan – Influences and Qualities of time
Fei Xing – Influences and Qualities of time
Bazi Suan Ming – Chinese Horoscope