Feng Shui for 2021 – Things you should know

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Would you like to know what to expect and what opportunities and risks the New Year holds?

Usually, in Feng Shui the year starts around February 4 and shows is new qualities. Feng Shui systems like the “Flying Stars” (quality of time) can show what can be expected for the business or the private household. Many Feng Shui techniques also help me to rearrange my house and business premises every year. This brings clarity and prevents difficulties.

Today, I would like to tell you what you might encounter in the year 2021.

An overview of Chinese Astrology

Every year it is exciting to find out what could happen on earth in the future. Based on the five elements (earth, metal, water, fire and wood) each year corresponds to two of these elements.

According to the Chinese calendar, 2021 is represented by the ox with an earth element and the heavenly stem of the yin metal. In the so-called 60’s cycle it has been defined that the “heavenly stem” just like the “earthly branch” represent your particular cycle on our earth

Each of these qualities communicates differently with each person. However, there is also a general component that can be anticipated for individual professional fields and health, as well as social components.

Health and social affairs

Now it is important to pay special attention to a good and healthy lifestyle, because the earth element might trigger health problems.

That is why Feng Shui cures and the observation of unfavourable sectors in the house are particularly important. The earth symbolises the stomach, the intestines and the spleen on the one hand and can be the trigger for serious illnesses on the other hand. We should strengthen our immune system should in order to fight and prevent diseases.

Characteristics of the two elements yin metal and yin earth

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Yin metal will represent the first half year. Yin metal stands for discipline, a correct behaviour and could mean that the creative aspect in life is restricted.

The the second half of the year is represented by the ox. Its personality and energy is hard working, strict, intelligent, friendly, caring, but also stubborn.

 Like a field worker, the plough will work the earth and the new grain will be sown. Now it is the quality of the soil that counts.

The moist soil could cause increased fear among people, because the earth stores a high proportion of the water element. 

Family relationships will have to give a lot of support to strengthen the own emotional warmth.


The countries will try to consolidate their power on the economic base. More attention will be paid to agriculture and food sources.

There will be a great upswing in housing construction and the property market. Special attention will be paid to environmental protection measures.

The Chinese New Year

On February 12th in 2021, millions of people in many different countries will celebrate Chinese New Year. The celebration is especially dedicated to the own family and is a way to express thanks.

A new year always brings many changes, for example, the stock market can be particularly affected. It belongs to the fire element. Due to the increased “earth energy” in 2021 as well as the yin metal every investment should be considered carefully. There is no fire element to experience an upswing.

Those who should pay special attention

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People who were born in 1961 will celebrate their 60th birthday in the year. That means they were born in the year of the ox. 

For these people, 2021 is a special time to step back and enter the new year in a relaxed manner. Otherwise, difficulties would certainly be unavoidable.

People born in the year of the goat should take care of their health in the year of the ox. There could also occur interpersonal conflicts. 

For goat-born people, the year 2021 should be approached with extreme caution. There will be more dissatisfaction and conflicts.

Feng Shui measures to take in advance

Just before the turn of the year it is important to think about some Feng Shui aspects.

1. When exactly is the right time for modification and renovation work                    

2. Which sectors of the house should not be changed?                 

3. What kind of qualities will each cardinal direction have?

These questions can be answered with the help of the “qualities of time” in Feng Shui. They are used as a basis for calculation. They help you to introduce appropriate Feng Shui measures to ensure harmony in 2021.

Sometimes, even small changes have an enormous effect. Surely, something positive can also be achieved in your home or business.

The Feng Shui year of the "Yin Metal Ox" from 03.02.2021 to 03.02.2022

In Feng Shui the “time influences” that affect our lives change every year. Each sector of an apartment or house differs according to the direction and basic quality of the house.

Negative & positive influences of each sector in the house according to the “Flying stars

This is a general annual description of the individual rooms, but also sectors in the house.


The north has a potential to provoke digestive problems. It could be that insidious illnesses could hit you and you may need to take medication.

The cause can be of various origins. If the kitchen is located in this sector, disturbances are inevitable.

The element metal can be used more often as a cure against the negative earth energy. Use an object made of metal here. This could be a metal bowl, a gong or a wind chime.

Traditionally, wind chimes are used. The sound of the wind chime is an extremely effective tool against this negative aspect.


There is a lot of positive energy in the north-east. Here, it would be interesting to activate this positive energy with light. If your bedroom is located here and you want to have a baby it might be that this wish can be fulfilled. Love gets a new impetus and revives.

Weddings or even festivities will therefore be celebrated if you activate this sector of the house or garden. Even a well can activate this happiness in the northeast. However, water should not be placed in the bedroom.


Women can boost their love life by activating the east. However, they should make sure that the man really is serious.

If your current relationship is good, don’t activate the east too much. Otherwise, a flirt could quickly turn into a cheating relationship. Red is the colour to choose for this area of your house.


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This sector should be avoided in the new year and kept rather quiet. The negative earth energy of the “yellow 5” bears risks for people and finances. 

People who are often in this sector might suffer from melancholy and depression as well as digestive problems.

Cures against this:

Chinese coins are often used. Place metal decorations into this sector to weaken the heavy earth energy.


Use the south to activate your prosperity and financial luck. This area holds potential for good stamina. Activate this area to improve your financial situation.

Tools for this:

Decorative objects made of metal, such as a beautiful bowl or a vase also in white, gold or silver are to be preferred.

An indoor fountain would have a positive influence here. In the garden this area can be activated by water as well. If you use a bowl of water for activation, note that the bowl opens upwards – wide and open for financial luck!


You should avoid the southwest if possible. This area indicates a rather bad financial situation and money problems. Also pay attention to unfavourable factors in this sector, such as rubbish, garbage or dead trees. Avoid disputes in the southwest, because those disputes could duplicate and escalate here, aggressions could increase.

It would be advisable not to have an indoor fountain here.

If you have your bedroom in the southwest you could feel lonely and under pressure. Avoid noise and try to stay seldom in this area.

Cures against this:

Red pillows and bedding can counteract this energy. Red elements and decorative items also help to weaken this negative energy.


The potential of the west will bring new business ideas into the house. It is even possible to start a new business with empty hands. Nevertheless, you should think about your steps carefully and not act rashly. If your office is already located in this favourable sector, it will bring good decisions that can have an impact on your finances lateron.

Tools for this:

An indoor fountain would enhance the positive potential here.


The north-west sector indicates a fire hazard. Avoid open fire in this area. Do not leave candles unattended in this sector. If the stove is in this sector, never leave it alone while cooking.

If the entrance door is located here and the basic structure is unfavourable, a burglary could occur.

Cures against this:

Glass elements and the colours blue and black can be used well. Despite the cures always stay careful.

Very favourable directions are:

Northeast, south and west

For Feng Shui professionals:

Sectors with unfavourable characteristics are:

North (2)

Southeast (5)

Southwest (3)

Great Duke: Northeast 1

Three killings: Northeast 3, east 1, 2, 3 and southeast 1,

Sui Po: Southwest 1

Yellow 5: southeast 1, 2, 3


These are the days on which no Feng Shui consultation should be carried out:

04.01.2021, 31.01.2021, 24.02.2021, 23.03.2021, 20.04.2021, 18.05.2021, 14.06.2021, 12.07.2021, 08.08.2021, 05.09.2021, 03.10.2021, 30.10.2021, 27.11.2021, 24.12.2021, 21.01.2022

Always prepare yourself for the new year. I would be happy if could help you with my tips. Try things out. I have always received good feedback from my clients and I am very excited to hear about your experience.

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