KB Lim

Biography & Mission of Master KB Lim

KB Lim was born in 1965 and raised in Singapore. He was brought up in a strong Chinese family with extensive influence on Chinese traditional values.

Having attended the educational system of Singapore with a fusion of both the Western scientific aspect and the Oriental tradition and value Master KB Lim could obtain a higher understanding of Chinese ancient studies and combine it with a scientific approach and thus give a better teaching of I-Ging and Chinese metaphysics.

Below are some extracts of his learning path :

  • II-Ging with one of the top I-Ging master from China, Mr Huang Jian. With Grand Master Yap Cheng Hai from Malaysia KB Lim participated the study of I-Ging from Master Huang’s 1st I-Ging session in Singapore.
  • He learned Hou-Tian Pai Feng Shui with Master Chen Ji-Rui in Taiwan.
  • Bazi and Feng Shui including Form school was brought to him by Master Hu YiMing in Taiwan.
  • Furthermore, he studied with Professor Henry Lee from Taiwan on Taoism ritual and Charm.

KB Lim has formulated a simplified and easy approach towards the complicated learning of Chinese metaphysics

Being raised up in the fusion environment of western and oriental culture location of Singapore he could take advantage of both the Western scientific approach and the deep, rich Chinese ancient knowledge.

Unfortunately, much of the fundamental basics of Chinese metaphysics which were overlooked throughout the decades. Thereby, giving the Fengshui a mythic presentation and make it mistaken as belonging to the Taoism religion as well!

In fact, I-Ging has scientific roots, with its understanding it will make oneself more objective in strategizing one’s probable solution to any obstacles or problems.

Why I-Ging ?

As it’s easy to learn, takes time to master, and finally you benefit for life when you know the skill and knowledge.

KB Lim:

My mission is to lead the interest group on I-Ging studies, Chinese philosophy and Culture, to a higher level of understanding and attainment. Starting from fundamental basics leading to understanding the origination and formulation process of I-Ging.

Only with understanding and knowledge could oneself be able to be enlighten and finally understand the rules of Nature where the I-Ging is trying to preach.

And the rest of the studies like Bazi, QiMenDunJia, ZiWeiDouShu, Feng Shui and so on will fall in place with scientific approaches and given rules!

I-Ging may not be for everyone !

But not learning it, one may missed, one of the world’s most power knowledge and skills available in the present day.