Mimi Tsang Moorhouse

Master Tsang Moorhouse Feng Shui Beraterin und Dozentin
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About Master Mimi Tsang Moorhouse:

Mimi Tsang Moorhouse was born in Hong Kong, where she was exposed to a strong Feng Shui influence from her early years on thanks to a culturally conscious Chinese parents’ house.

Mimi absolved her main apprenticeship with Grandmaster Yap Cheng Hai, the internationally treasured and highly esteemed Feng Shui expert from Malaysia.

Later, her knowledge has been enriched by Master George K C Lau from Hong Kong, who teaches Feng Shui in the 71. generation of the San Yuen Feng Shui Association. However, Mimi’s study of Feng Shui did not end with the classical tradition.

Inspired by her admirable teacher J K Chu, who has reached the age of 87 this year, she began her study of BaZi, the teachings of the five elements, which she continues with him and teacher Law Leung, one of the most estimated disciples of Master J K Chu, until this day. As a basic element of Feng Shui, I Ching was also fathomed by Mimi under the wings of teacher Huang Jian.

An affluent and diversified working experience has shaped and enriched Mimi’s skills and professionalism, not at least during her work in some of the 200 countries she has travelled together with her husband. Since 2007 she passes on her knowledge in her own school, the Feng Shui International School of Metaphysics.

For a long period Mimi lived in San Francisco, California. Later, she moved to England where she lives today and perpetually enlarges her professional library of over 300 Feng Shui classics as well as her admirable Luo Pan collection.