Yin and Yang is the most basic concept in structuring the universe. We believe that because of the mixing of Yin and Yang, which produced chi and the form of all elements (i.e. water, fire, wood, metal and earth). These tangible and intangible forms built up the world that we have today, including our body and face.

Through the face we read one’s characteristic, family, marriage, career, finance, health and even out-bound luck. Based on Yin and Yang concept, we apply the 5 elements into individual facial features and analyze their good and bad properties. We may learn how to apply the inter-relationship of the 5 elements into face reading. We also learn the hidden meaning of individual features and conclude one’s face luck with integrating all facial features.

In this 5-day-workshop, we will learn all basic ideas of face reading as well as the onsite practice. We will fully utilize the digital equipment and apps in enforcing the understanding of face reading and the 5 elements theory. On the other hand, we will welcome guests who are going to participate in our onsite practice. However, we target to make the class practical as well as fun and interesting.


About Master Ajax Ho
Master Ajax Ho, born in Hong Kong, studied art and design and became a graphic designer at his early age. The visual training benefited him at his later profession as a face reader and Feng Shui practitioner.

Ajax has been teaching ZWDS, Basic Constellation in 5 Elements, Feng Shui and Face Reading in the School of Professional and Continuing Education – a sub-division of the Hong Kong University – and also guided the Complementary Lessons organized by the Student Affairs Office of Hong Kong Polytechnic University since 2003. He has written a book named “Let the stars guide your way” (in Chinese), explaining the concept of ZWDS. Enquiries are still reaching Ajax, although the book has long been sold out.

Ajax gained a very extraordinary experience in Face Reading to foreigners, which means the people from around the world as well as Asian. He is the sit-in CiFu (the authorized fortune teller) in the most famous temple in Hong Kong, the Man Mo Temple, which attracts thousands of visitors. Ajax has laughed to himself when he started to practice Face Reading in the temple years ago.

He once refused an english-speaking lady who offered a face reading for her, because he wondered how and if the face reading really can apply to foreign people. He gained confidence when he found out that the Chinese Reading theory is applicable globally. Right now he is writing a book about Applied Face Reading (adjustment on different races).

Level 1:

About the 5 day workshop

  • Day 1: Basic Yin and Yang idea and 5 elements
  • Day 2: Apply 5 elements on face shape and its individual features
  • Day 3: To learn how to analyze the properties of face shape and all facial features and understand the inter-relationship of them
  • Day 4: To understand the meaning of the facial features via the shapes, color, displacement, sizes, and the softness of them
  • Day 5: Reading practice with classmates and or guests

Duration of the class: 5 days, 10:00 – 17:00 o’clock
Venue: Berlin-City
Date: 21.04.-25.04.2018 Berlin
Fee: 569,30 Euro (early bird discount inclusive: 8% off up to 4 weeks before the training starts)

Level 2

Duration of the class: 3 days, 10:00 – 17:00 o’clock
Venue: Berlin-City. You will also receive a study book and a certificate
Date: 27.04.-29.04.2018 Berlin
Fee: 539,90 Euro (early bird discount inclusive: 8% off up to 4 weeks before the training starts)

You will also receive a study book and a certificate