Amleset Teckie Mengesteab

Hello! I’m Ami – certified Feng Shui Consultant. I live with my family, here in Dubai.

My family is rooted in the food and fashion industry. Hence, working with people has been a bliss for me.

Interior design has always been my route to share my creativity – through colors, textures and more to make a pleasant impact in the environment around. 

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With my travel across Europe to the Middle East, I can vouch that not all spaces felt like home for me. Then one day, I was invited for a Feng Shui consultation.

The impression on me since that day, led me to change my career path. Since 2015, my journey began under the guidance of Feng Shui Master Petra Exposito and prominent others.

I am grateful to hear from my clients that I can create a positive impact for them through my work. 

When you have the feeling that your environment doesn’t support you or you don’t feel comfortable or your children always end up in your bed, or you are simply curious write me an email or call me.

I am a certified Feng Shui Consultant from the Institute of Excellence Berlin, Germany.