“There’s nothing in the world, that doesn’t change. Nothing lasts eternally the same.”

Zhuang Zi

Now, what is Feng Shui?

Nowadays, there’s much about Feng Shui in magazines and on TV. And yet: Feng Shui is neither to be understood as a “one-hit-wonder”, nor as fashion trend! Its roots in history are much too long for that.

Here you have the opportunity to get a glimpse of this vast world. For a deeper understanding, the doors of my trainings, workshops and seminars are widely open for you!

All material is oscillating. An invisible, fine energy which is known to adepts of all cultures is responsible for this vibration. In Feng Shui we call it “Qi”.

Qi is an elementary life energy which exists in our bodies as well as in the whole universe. Flowing unstoppably through all living it connects the material level to the emotional and mental levels.

In traditional Chinese medicine and Feng Shui Qi has been known for thousands of years.

Qi is radiated by any item, no matter what size or shape. In the human body the energy paths are called meridians. They form the foundation for acupuncture treatment.

Our earth has similar meridians which are called “points of power”. Feng Shui combines the human Qi with the Qi of the environment so that the person builds a firm unity with his surroundings.

Thus, each one of us can use the maximum of his latent potential.