Auspicious Day Selection – Professional Series / Pro Xuan Kong Da Gua

This is a fast-pace, condensed and intensive ADS XKDG course packed in 3 days. It is only suitable for Post Graduate Feng Shui Students or those with equivalent knowledge. There will not be instructional time on how to use the Chinese Calendar in this ADS Pro Xuan Kong Da Gua course.

The nuclear of XKDG is the “Communication” between the guas.

Xuan Kong Da Gua Auspicious Day Selection (XKDG-ADS) is to identify the Communication between the guas and uniting these guas into a powerful unit, so that the energy of these guas can work as one. A successful  “Communication” is to be able achieve “Two Objectives” under strict criteria. The first objective is to unite the power between the guas. The second objective is to secure the output of “energy” between the guas – so that the guas can re-enforce each other and become one whole body of energy.

The four  “Communication” criteria :

1. The Gua Luck Communication

2. The Five Elements Communication

3. The Family Guas Communication

4. The Seven Stars Robbery Communication

The same rules and theories are applicable to the Mountain  (the Location) and equally, for the Master (the Person).

If the Master and or Mountain can establish a successful ”Communication” connection with a good Day Selection plot;  a very  powerful result can be generated from all these guas due to their  gathering and channeling of the good enforced energy to each other like a web.

This is, the unity of Heaven (Day Selection) Earth (Mountain) and Man (Master).

Chapter One:  Foundation

He Tu
Lo Shu
The Composition of Xuan Kong Da Gua
The 60 Gia Zi and the 64 Hexagram Guas
The 64 Hexagram Guas and the 24 Mountains

Chapter Two:  The Four Communications

The Gua Luck Communication
Pure and Clear Same Gua Luck
Guas in Combination of 10, 5 and 15
Guas in He Tu Growth Luck of 1-6, 2-7, 3-8 and 4-9
Exception Gua Lucks

The Five Elements Communication
Pure and Clear Same 5 elements Guas
5 Elements in Combination of 10, 5 and 15
Five Elements in Growth Luck of 1-6, 2-7, 3-8, 4-9

 The Family Gua Communications
 The Forward Children 48 Plots
The Reverse Children 48 Plots

The Secret “Seven Stars Robbery” Communications

Chapter Three: The Special Condition Communications

The Combinational use of Two Communications

The usage of Break Day and Break Hour Condition
The Extra Prosperous – Produce Me and Control Me
The Receding – I Produce and I Control Condition 

Chapter Four:  The Heaven Earth and Man Communications

Heaven (Day Selection) Earth (Mountain) and Man (Master)
(Day Selection) and  Earth (Mountain)
(Day Selection) and  Man (Master)
(Master) and  Earth
山家 (Mountain)
Violation of Pure Yin or Pure Yang – Will not produce Luck
Violation of the Mixed Up Yin Yang in Guas – Unlucky  

Chapter Five:  The Essence of Xuan Kong Da Gua and Di Li (The Way of the Land) Day Selection

The making of Yin or Yang House
The ways of Dragon, Mountain, Facing and Water Combination
The Yin and Yang conflicts.
The Produce Me and Control Me criteria.
The up side down Ling Shēn and Zheng Shēn.
The importance of communications between (Day Selection) and  (Mountain).

Xuan Kong Da Gua for Yang House Practical  Applications
How to determine the gua for the (Mountain)
How to find out if the current year is good for the (Mountain)

*  Chinese Calendar – please read the “Introduction of Auspicious Day Selections” page to check if you have the Chinese calendar that is specifically used for this course.  Otherwise, please pre-order a copy from Mimi before attending this class.

– Being proficient in using the Chinese calendar without assistance.
– Student must know how to write the 24 mountains in Chinese.

You will be doing a disfavor to the rest of the class if you consistently slowing the class’s progress.


Date: 06.11. –8.11.2020 Potsdam (Time: Friday: 16:00-20:00 and Saturday, Sunday: 9:00 to 16.30)

 Price: 900,00 Euro plus 19% V.A.T.

Save some money! If you enrol for the course 4 weeks in advance you’ll get an early bird discount of 8%!

 Lecturer: Master Mimi Tsang Moorhouse