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Bazi Suanming consultation

The Bazi Suanming consultation, also called „The Four Pillars of Destiny”, is derived from a person’s birth date, which allows for a differentiated analysis of the past, present and possible future of the person.


The recommendations ascertained after Bazi Suanming include simple instructions concerning the conduct of life, the calculation of advantageous appointments for marriages, business openings, and other central aspects of life, but also the orientation within the apartment and even complex and deep personality analyses. According to the person’s wishes and needs, the focus of examination can be put on specific phases or aspects of life as, for example, family and partner relationships or profession choices.

Bazi Suanming teaches us that the personal destiny is for the most part determined by a person’s own behaviour. For this reason it is the objective of the consultation to give the client recommendations, how to act most auspiciously regarding his individual predisposition, so that an undisturbed development of his personality can evolve in the course of his life.
This is regarded as the personal fortune of the client.


  • – judge your own personality better.
  • – change your behavior in order to attract positive things.
  • – recognize when your success should be secured and strengthened.
  • – When your lifestyle should be altered.
  • – affect your health in a positive way.


  • For the analysis, the exact date of birth (if possible with time) and the place of birth is required.
  • A personal appointment is arranged, this may be an appointment on the phone or a site visit.

With empathy and competence Petra Coll Exposito will give you recommendations regarding partnership, employment, and social environment. It is also possible to calculate a personal, auspicious day. As always, you can decide how far you want to go!

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