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The Feng Shui Institute of Excellence

Study effectively –  work successfully. In cooperation with other internationally recognized experts and lecturers, the Feng Shui Institute of Excellence wants to give everybody who is interested access to knowledge about classic Chinese Feng Shui and related areas of knowledge.

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The purpose of the Feng Shui Institute of Excellence is to spread knowledge about classic, genuine Feng Shui. In order to achieve this goal, the institute uses traditional as well as modern teaching methods. Since its teachers do not only possess theoretical knowledge of Feng Shui but have also practical experience in its application.

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Feng Shui & Lifestyle

Feng Shui 2021

Would you like to know what to expect and what opportunities and risks the New Year holds? Usually, in Feng Shui the year starts around February 4 and shows is new qualities. Feng Shui systems like the “Flying Stars” (quality of time) can show what can be expected for the business or the private household.

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Feng Shui & Lifestyle

Do you aim at attracting new clients? Numerous managers and successful companies already experience the effects of a correct room layout and apply the science of Feng Shui right from the beginning. There are many successful stories to tell.

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Why does Feng Shui work?

These reflections brought into being the metaphysical studies of Feng Shui. The concern of first Feng Shui masters went to the simplest needs. At times, they found good meadow places for the cattle, fruitful land and water to survive. Then again, they decided which side of the river is beneficial for the life of the people.

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