New building projects

Have the house built that you love to live in!

The best you can do is to implement Feng Shui right from the start when you plan to build a house. Many of our clients already experienced the positive effects when living in a house built according to classical Feng Shui.

Your clear advantage when you plan to build a house to live in:

•    Pleasant room atmosphere
•    More energy in life
•    Healthy and relaxing sleeping areas
•    Less arguments
•    Relaxing place

Your clear advantage when you plan to construct a company building:

•    Increase in revenue
•    More success
•    Clients will feel better cared for
•    Pleasant room atmosphere
•    Concentrated, efficient and result-oriented daily work
•    Comfortable working environment

There is no big difference between the new building of a company building and a private house because the rules of classical Feng Shui will be the same to be used. The only difference is the use of the single rooms.

If there are various construction sites to choose between our Feng Shui expert will help you to decide by evaluating the favourable external influences of each site and choosing the best one for you and your purposes. If, however, you already decided upon a site all external influences and factors will be taken into account during the planning phase of the construction.

The most important factors are the location of the main door, the patio door, the windows and the purpose of each room.
We always decide upon the interior design of each room depending on the respective person living in it. Thus we create the utmost conditions for your success, health, harmony within your family and company.
But remember, only a very experienced Feng Shui consultant is able to create an atmosphere that exactly supports your personal needs.

We need:

•    Dates of birth (with the time of birth if possible) of all family members or all important assistants
•    A personal meeting on the construction site

You will get:

•    You will experience an extraordinary service since we will always focus on your requirements
•    An analysis of the house and garden according to all formulas of the classical Feng Shui
•    An analysis of the electro smog situation – if you desire
•    Together with your architect we will design the house which is perfect for you
•    Your personal file of at least 30 pages
•    Personal explanation of the findings

In order to find the best solution for your house, we will propose various ideas for the construction always considering closely your individual desires and wishes and of course the situation on the site.

If you are interested, we are happy to send you an individual offer:
E-mail: office@feng-shui.de
Call: +49 (0)33201 457688
Every day from 7 am to 7 pm

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