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Your Personalized Business Feng Shui Consultation

Business Consultation

Elevate Your Business with Feng Shui Expertise!

Transform your business environment into a harmonious space that not only resonates with positive energy but also enhances your overall success. Tailored for directors, company founders, and managers seeking to boost revenue and cultivate a supportive atmosphere for both staff and clients, Feng Shui offers a unique opportunity to optimize your premises.


Why Feng Shui for Your Business?

✨ Increased Revenue: Create an environment that encourages clients to invest more in a pleasant atmosphere.

✨ Enhanced Teamwork: Improve collaboration within your company, providing the best conditions for success.

✨ Optimized Daily Work: Foster a concentrated, efficient, and result-oriented work environment for your team.

✨ Pleasant Atmosphere: Design a workspace that not only looks good but also feels good, promoting positive energy.

✨ Reduced Sick Reports: A harmonized environment can contribute to the well-being of your employees, resulting in fewer sick reports.

✨ Client Satisfaction: Clients will feel better cared for, contributing to their overall satisfaction.

Optimize Your Workspace,
Optimize Your Success

During a Feng Shui consultation, we address critical elements such as the design of your logo and the outward presentation of your company, recognizing their profound impact. Special attention is given to optimizing offices, especially those of management staff and directors, and selecting the ideal location for essential areas like the cashier.

Whether you are revitalizing your existing business or selecting a site for a new venture, integrating Feng Shui principles from the outset can position your company for sustained success and prosperity. Embrace the transformative power of Feng Shui for your business journey!

What exactly happens during a Feng Shui Consultation?

The theory

During a Feng Shui consultation, we analyze the interaction of forms and the aspects of the building’s landscape. Mountains, hills, houses, streets, and water flows all exert an energetic influence on a house.

The orientation of a house or site determines whether these influences bring positive and nurturing energy or a more disharmonious and destructive energy. The residents experience these energies through the quality of living. In essence, the direction of a house acts like a “satellite dish,” attracting surrounding energies.

After a detailed examination of external influences, the Feng Shui expert shifts focus to the interior design of the house and its occupants. Each cardinal direction, corresponding to different rooms, carries a unique energy based on the house’s orientation. These energies are systematically analyzed and adjusted – either activated, directed, or weakened – to create a harmonious and empowering atmosphere.

The practice

An atmosphere of harmony can be cultivated, irrespective of individual styles or preferences. It is not necessary to incorporate Chinese characters or Feng Shui artifacts into the apartment or house. Classical Feng Shui relies solely on the cardinal directions to provide personalized support for each individual.

The foundational principles of classical Feng Shui lie in achieving harmony between Yin and Yang and understanding the supportive cycle of the Five Elements: water, metal, wood, fire, and earth.

By employing classical Feng Shui methods, one can establish an environment of harmonious energies, a crucial prerequisite for a healthy and joyful life. Achieving a balance between Yin and Yang, representing opposing aspects, fosters a comfortable ambiance.

Feelings, emotions, people, characteristics, activities, occupations, seasons, meals, cardinal directions, colors, forms, and time all possess varying degrees of Yin or Yang at different times.

Private Consulting

Transform Your Living Space into a Haven of Positivity!

Did you know that the energy of each room significantly influences your well-being? Harness the power of Feng Shui to actively enhance the quality of your life. Take the opportunity to shape your living environment with a professional Feng Shui consultation.


Benefit from our extensive and skilled experience dedicated to serving you.


Unlock the Hidden Potential of Your Space:

Discover the profound impact each room’s energy can have on your overall well-being. Our Feng Shui consultations are designed to uncover the hidden potential of your space, allowing you to create a home that resonates positively with your life’s aspirations.


Advantages of Booking a Consultation:

  • Enjoy a pleasant room atmosphere 
  • Infuse more energy into your life 
  • Cultivate healthy and relaxing sleeping areas 
  • Enhance concentration, efficiency, and productivity in your daily work 
  • Increase your overall success

What We Require for a Consultation:

  • A floor plan of your house or apartment (if available)
  • Birthdates of all inhabitants, including the hour of birth 
  • A personal meeting at your house or apartment

What You Will Receive:

  • An in-depth analysis of the house based on classical Feng Shui formulas
  • Personal Chinese horoscope for each resident
  • Analysis of the electro-smog situation 
  • Geomantic examination of your sleeping area 
  • A personalized file comprising at least 30 pages
  • A detailed explanation of the findings

To discover the best solutions tailored to your needs, we present various ideas, taking into account your preferences, desires, and the unique characteristics of your space. You are in control of determining the scope of the project!

Feng Shui-Inspired Building Projects for a Harmonious Life

I use these Feng Shui systems, depending on the specific requirements and context of each Feng Shui consultation.


Ba Gua:

Deals with the energetic mapping of spaces and places.


Lo Shu Square:

A numerical system based on a magic square.

Helps identify and enhance positive energy flows.


Form School:

Evaluates the forms and structures of buildings and their surroundings.

Emphasizes the importance of landscape features, shapes, and layouts.


San He:

Evaluates the forms and structures of buildings and their surroundings.

Emphasizes the importance of landscape features, shapes, and layouts.


San Yuan

Focuses on the influence of time on energy.

Takes into account cyclical changes in Qi over time.


Flying Star

Based on the Flying Stars School and refers to the movement of star constellations in space over time.


Xuan Kong:

Analyzes favorable and unfavorable influences in a specific period.


Bazi Suan Ming

Learn as often as you can at your own pace

Elevate Your Success with Expert Support!


The profound impact of a positive environment on both the structure and the individuals residing or working within it has been recognized for thousands of years. Ancient Feng Shui masters, through extensive research, uncovered the intricate connection between a conducive environment and the well-being of its occupants. 


This valuable and transformative knowledge, documenting how a proper environment can significantly enhance a building and the lives within it, was established in ancient China as the theory of Feng Shui. Over millennia, this theory was applied in the planning of city districts and living spaces.


In times of yore, the strategic selection of an ideal location for a village was crucial for the health and prosperity of early settlers. Today, globally renowned shopping malls, recreational zones, and magnetic hotel facilities owe part of their success to the principles of Feng Shui. The essence behind these triumphant structures and projects often lies in the application of Feng Shui.


Therefore, integrating Feng Shui considerations into the planning of your upcoming major project can contribute to its greater success. Leveraging her extensive experience, Petra Coll Exposito stands ready to support you in the realization of your significant project.

New building projects

Craft the Home of Your Dreams!


Embarking on the journey to build your own home presents an exciting opportunity to infuse it with positive energy and harmony from the very start.


Implementing Feng Shui principles during the planning phase of your house construction can yield remarkable benefits, as many of our clients have joyfully discovered in their homes built according to classical Feng Shui.


Building Your Home with Feng Shui Wisdom

Whether constructing a private residence or a corporate building, the rules of classical Feng Shui remain the same, emphasizing the importance of mindful design and energy flow within each space. The distinction lies in the tailored utilization of individual rooms.

When confronted with various construction sites, our Feng Shui expert is here to guide you. Through a meticulous evaluation of the external influences at each site, we help you choose the location that aligns best with your goals and objectives. If you’ve already selected a site, rest assured that all external factors will be considered during the planning phase, ensuring a harmonious construction process.

Feng Shui Principles for Optimal Room Utilization

Critical considerations include the placement of the main door, patio door, windows, and the intended purpose of each room. Our approach to interior design is personalized, adapting to the unique needs of each occupant. By doing so, we cultivate the ideal conditions for success, health, and harmony within your family or company.

It’s important to note that only a highly experienced Feng Shui consultant possesses the skill to create an atmosphere that precisely aligns with your individual needs. Trust us to craft a living space that resonates with positivity, supporting your personal and professional aspirations.

Petra Coll Exposito: Feng Shui Expert and Founder of the Feng Shui Institute of Excellence

Petra Coll Exposito is an internationally recognized Feng Shui expert, distinguished by her passion for Chinese metaphysics and extensive experience in applying Feng Shui principles. As the founder of the Feng Shui Institute of Excellence, she specializes in helping individuals and businesses create harmonious and energetically balanced environments.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Questions and Answers

On average, if worked through consistently, students can complete the Feng Shui online training in three to four months. However, it’s not mandatory, and some students may continue their training for up to a year. Lifetime access to the modules is provided, contingent upon the functionality of technology and the existence of the internet.”

At the outset, the first part is unlocked, and a week later, Part 2 is made available. This allows you to complete the first ten lessons in two weeks. Subsequently, there is a rhythm of 14 days. Initially, it may seem easy to work through the lessons. However, in the later sections of the training, the knowledge becomes increasingly complex and intensive.

Keep in mind that there is a live coaching session in my Facebook group every 14 days. Here, you can ask your questions and receive immediate answers

The Flying Stars are a significant part of the Feng Shui online training. Link: https://feng-shui-online.eu/content/

The compass is not necessary at the beginning, but it would be ideal to own a Feng Shui compass as the training progresses. In this regard, there is also a discount of €50 for you as a student.

Die Freistellung der Module erfolgt immer 14-tägig und es bleibt Dir überlassen, in welchem Zeitrahmen Du diese Module absolvierst. Die Freischaltung kann nicht aufgehoben werden, da sonst alle Studenten freigestellt werden würden. Das ist nicht in meinem Interesse.

After you’ve completed all the theoretical training videos, you can register for the practical days. During the two practical days, we will discuss your own floor plan and your living situation.

You should bring a lot of fun and good spirits! And don’t forget to bring the already prepared floor plan of your own living situation. These days are about your living situation and how you can apply Feng Shui for yourself. After all, you can offer your service better when you have gained personal experiences and felt the changes.

This way, you will get to know many floor plans and potential situations from your classmates, as they will also present their living situations. Through practice and practical exchange, a consultation scenario is simultaneously simulated. You will receive instructions on what to bring during the Feng Shui online training

You will receive the certificate on the last practical day. From then on, you are a certified consultant and ready for your clients.

here is no exam in the traditional sense, as you will be tested by your clients!

What my trained students say:

I have been interested in Feng Shui for many years, and the goal/desire to undertake an online Feng Shui training has been with me for a very long time. It was important for me to find a good Feng Shui master like Petra Coll Exposito. At the moment, I am in the midst of Petra's Feng Shui online training. What's positive for me is that I can study peacefully (without traveling) from outside of Germany. I manage my time on my own and work through the modules at my own pace. It's worth mentioning that Petra explains the topics very simply and straightforwardly. Learning is twice as enjoyable! I love my Feng Shui online training and can only recommend it to anyone interested in Feng Shui.
Claudia Flynn
Feng Shui consultant
I completed the training to become a Feng Shui consultant with Petra, and I would make that decision again anytime. The online training is excellently structured, and all topics are explained in a clear and memorable manner. Petra is always approachable for questions, and even after the training, she helps her students with issues that arise in practice. My absolute highlight was the practical days at the end of the Feng Shui training, where we worked on the floor plans of the participants. It was so much fun and incredibly inspiring. Thank you, dear Petra, for the wonderful time and your love and dedication in being there for your students.
Layla Haase
Feng Shui consultant
Through the methods of Feng Shui taught by Petra Coll Exposito, my perception of the environment, my attention to others, and my interpretation of the energy of a space have changed entirely for the positive. With great gratitude for the valuable, practical teachings and the opportunity for regular exchange on professional topics, I consider myself fortunate to be a student of this institute. Niki Nauschnegg, Feng Shui Master at the Feng Shui Institute of Excellence, working as a Feng Shui consultant in Vienna, Lower Austria, Burgenland, Styria.
Feng Shui Beraterin Niki Nauschnegg
Veronika Nauschnegg
Feng Shui consultant
completed the Feng Shui consultant training this year and am more than happy about it! Petra Coll Exposito is truly a master in her field because she can not only convey the complex content of Feng Shui in an extremely understandable way but also makes the training friendly and lively. I learned a lot, enjoyed every moment, and met wonderful people. To you, dear Petra, I want to say once again: Thank you! It was incredibly fun. It's a real enrichment! I highly recommend this Feng Shui training! And to the instructors, I want to greet you this way: You are doing a fantastic job!
Mary Pernreiter
ear Petra, I am thrilled! I sit at the computer in the evenings and go through the Feng Shui lessons. You've done a fantastic job. It's a great joy to move from lesson to lesson and absorb the knowledge. I'm looking forward to the unlocking of the next lessons! Thank you so much for this enrichment! All the best, and see you soon, Anja 🙂
Anja Müller
Leitende Angestellte
When I started delving into Feng Shui, I came across Petra Coll Exposito: Competent, reliable, a fantastic powerhouse with great energy and endless expertise. It's a joy, and Petra Coll Exposito, with her Feng Shui Institute of Excellence, is a true enrichment.
Miriam Hanna
Lottofee von ARD und ZDF
With the training to become a certified Feng Shui consultant, not only my life but also that of our family has changed. We have experienced so much positive energy and witnessed many positive events through the changes in our home. Feng Shui captivates and doesn't let go. Thank you so much, dear Petra, for imparting so much new knowledge to us.
Sabine Schrägle
Feng Shui consultant

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