Workshop on Decision making

I-Ging is the oldest oracle system of divination. It has been used since ancient times. It is used in many different fields, could be in our daily life, in a business context, managing a country or even in warfare as it was used in ancient time.

Even a famous psychiatrist of this century, Mr. C.G. Jung used I-Ging when in the process of deciding on the approach to apply in his treatment of his patients.

The technique of I-Ging harnesses the concepts of Yin and Yang, the 5 elements and the heavenly stems and earthly branches. Every single line of a Hexagram could have many representations. Thus, various layers of information are generated that give a better insight and result in a more accurate analysis. You will be able to verify the present situation, divine the progress and finally the outcome of the prediction.

Various methods will be covered, the original 50 yarrow stick, using time, signs, objects or even grains!

In this 2-day workshop, you will definitely acquire the complete skill of performing a prediction. You will be able to draw up an I-Ging hexagram using one of the various methods covered during the workshop, to analyze and forecast the outcome of an issue. In the class, Master KB Lim will provide close guidance and accompany the participants through some of the important questions and scenarios that people often encounter, such as:

  • Should I start a business alone or in partnership?
  • Will the business be profitable?
  • How is the selling of my house going to be like?
  • Lost something, will I find it back?
  • How will be my performance in my exam at school?
  • How is my romance with my lover?
  • Will he/she like me?
  • How is my father’s health?
  • Will I get a promotion?
  • Should I venture overseas?
  • How is Feng Shui of my house?
  • Where did I misplace my things?

All participants are required to have a copy of I-Ging in any language native to themselves and at least flipped through the book. It is not necessary to understand it yet. They are asked to list down all possible doubts or questions that they may come across during the flipping through.


Day 1

  • An overview of historical development of I-Ging
  • 8 Trigrams and the evolution of 64 Hexagrams
  • Various jargons of Hexagrams and Hexagram Families
  • Some correlation of I-Ging with present science
  • Methodology 
  • How to implement a divination using the original Yarrow Stick method.
  • Demonstration of various types setting up a Hexagram
  • Explaining various layers of meaning and representation of the set of Hexagrams found.
  • How to insert heavenly stems and earthly branches into every Yao
  • What is Original versus Transformed Hexagram
  • Important Concepts for Analyses 
  • How to determine reference points in the Hexagram
  • Various representation of the Trigrams / Hexagrams and more

Day 2

  • Basic ground rules and ethic of using I-Ging
  • How I-Ging can assist us in making decision in areas as follows: 
  • Romance and Relationship
  • Career and Promotion
  • Legal Issues
  • Loss of an item
  • Feng Shui of a house
  • Business and Profitability and many more.
  • Discussion on interesting and important pointers.
  • Practical and Application 
  • Systematic and Simplified structure of how to use I-Ging to help you make predictions about an outcome of an issue.
  • Tips on how to memorize names and meaning of all 64 Hexagrams
  • Digital copy of arranged I-Ging will be given to all participants
  • At least one case studies per student will be discussed

Insturctor: Master KB Lim

Date: 20.03. – 21.03.2021 Berlin

Register up to 4 weeks before the course starts and receive an early bird discount of 8 %.

  • Fee: 499,80 Euro included 19% VAT
  • Fee with early bird: 459,82 Euro included 19% VAT

Classes will be in English. German translation can be offered if necessary.