How to recognise the benefit of a room and influence one’s life essentially


Since more than 2000 years people in China have been exploring “how the world works and how it influences man”. This is how the metaphysical science/art of “Feng Shui” developed. It describes rules, principles and reasons how the inner structure of a person can be influenced from the outside.

With Feng Shui it is possible to evaluate and influence positively a person’s quality of life by considering and analyzing his surroundings. In ancient times Feng Shui was known as “Kan Yu” (the observation of the forces between heaven and earth). The term Feng Shui (wind/water)became popular only at the end of the qing dynasty.

Three different types of life – Tien, Di and Ren – are known in Chinese sciences.

Tien represents the “Heaven luck” which means the destiny with which we are born. This part cannot be changed since the place of birth, our parents and the country we are born in are given to us by heaven. We cannot interfere and change anything.

Di or the ” man’s luck” represents everything we obtain by means of our education, virtues, stamina, hard work and actions. This type of luck can be manipulated by the decisions we take during our life.

Ren is the “earth luck”. Ren implies the art to recognize natural forces and to tap them in a positive way for a person. The environment we live in has a strong influence on our well- being and our opportunities.  By using Feng Shui in this area we can enhance to positive aspects of the heaven luck and reduce the negative aspects.

Feng Shui can influence that part of a persons’ life which is governed by his surrounding.

How does Feng Shui work?

Very much like the old geomancer in the occident the early Feng Shui masters devoted themselves in satisfying the substantial needs of the people. That is they tried to find good farmland, nutritious land and water to secure the survival of everybody. 

In finding the appropriate place to live they always took into consideration on what side of the river there is a better farmland, where the house is best protected from the strong winds and how the perpetual cycles of the earth and moon influence the people and their surroundings.

Ich finde es super, dass ich Feng Shui Techniken verwenden kann. Vor allem diejenigen, die mir den Einfluss auf Ereignisse aufzeigen. Im sogenannten zeitlichen oder auch fliegende Sterne Feng Shui erkenne ich ganz genau, welche Räume für einen Weihnachtsbaum mit Kerzen nicht geeignet sind. 

Es klingt fast wie Wahrsagerei, aber meine Erfahrungen bestätigen dies. Die meisten Ereignisse im Haus sind für einen Feng Shui Berater messbar.


Like in many other cultures, the stars were used to measure the time.

Sunrise and sunset defined day and night. The lunar phases described the lapse of a month and on the other hand the sun appeared everyday at another spot on the horizon thus describing a cycle of exactly one year and covering all different seasons. So the old master collected all data and created a calendar that can be used to determine the best time to start seeding and harvesting.

At the same time it was discovered that the moon had forces to influence the water – high and low tide. From this they derived the theory that also man who consists up to 80 % of water is definitely influenced by the time.

The old Feng Shui masters not only discovered and calculated the gravity but they also designed the compass (475 – 211 BC).

The luopan is a special compass that was developed by the first Feng Shui masters.

On the luopan there are various formulas describing perpetual cycles and landscape formulas from which special relations to the calendar and the celestial bodies can be derived. Using this compass it possible to determine the different energies on earth and use them individually to bring fortune to a person. The Feng Shui expert works with these compass formulas and is able to determine the auspicious and inauspicious cardinal directions for a person according to his surroundings.

The energies are called qi.

They are the basis for the terms yin and yang and the science of the five elements (water, wood, fire, earth and metal). Even today occident doctors respect and study these energetic pattern in acupuncture and acupressure.

In Feng Shui it is the qi of a person’s surrounding and the possibilities that want to be used and tapped into in order to reach certain objectives in everyday life.

The concepts of yin and yang and the five elements demonstrate the energy system of earth and man:

Yin and yang represent 5 different energy levels that have their own dynamic and are represented by the elements wood, fire, earth, metal and water. They evolve by complementing, generating controlling and weakening each other.  In order to be able to give an idea of the different qualities of qi in life the masters looked for and finally found appropriate terms to demonstrate the internal interaction.

Compass Feng Shui is an accurate science where it is absolutely necessary to measure extremely precise.

A Feng Shui master not only relies on his luopan, he explores the surrounding in various ways. He smells the earth and the air in order to determine the quality of the winds. He follows the landscape of the surrounding hills and studies the vegetation.

Reducing negative influences

Whenever he discovers poison arrows (this are sharp and pointed objects, edges and corners) he follows the direction of the negative qi that is created by these poison arrows. Then he works on cures to reduce the negative influences. He gives a new order to the areas concerned and places them in a new structure. This means he can move the desk in an office in a way that it is no more exposed to the negative or sharp edged objects.

A Feng Shui master can transform a room - for more energy and power

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It is as well possible to intensify the effects of auspicious forms. By placing water in special areas positive qi can be activated thus improving this elementary force of a person. 

Sure, you experienced yourself that feeling that comes up when you walk into a shop seeing many interesting and diverse things but somehow you only want to leave this shop as fast as possible again.

On the other hand there are shops in which you feel inspired and decide to buy things you really don’t need. It is this subconscious level that we don’t associate with the room itself but many other circumstances that can be more easily understood. 


A Feng Shui master recognizes exactly these structures that appeal to our unconsciousness and has the skill to rearrange a room according to the needs of a single person.

For example it is possible to intensify the positive aspects of a room and thus provide the people living in them with more energy and power and to enable him to have a relaxing sleep simply by rearranging the existing furniture and creating a  new room layout.

Landscape Feng Shui

Landscape Feng Shui of is a part of the classical Feng Shui. Here the terms wind and water really apply, since the form school in Feng shui examines the forms of everything that is formed by wind and water (like rises in the ground, hills, mountains and so on). The form of the landscape makes the qi meander auspiciously in a soft way or stream fast thus being inauspicious.

History shows that also our ancestors in Europe tried to find a perfect place for cities and villages. They took those considerations into account because they wanted to find a place where people could live safely and have enough clean water and find food.  This means they avoided places where the rivers flew very fast and might cause floods.


Water flows like qi

Water is something very essential in our life and it reacts like qi. Depending on the direction it flows from and into it can have auspicious effects or inauspicious effects. Everybody knows the slowly moving little river that becomes a strong and fast stream in the rainy season.

The stream will have a different course and influences the vegetation and environment of the people. Furthermore the Feng Shui master realized that certain courses of rivers caused the same energy qualities for the people living along the rivers. These findings or natural laws can also be found on the luopan.

Each time has its special qi

“There is nothing on earth that doesn’t change. Nothing stays eternally as it was” (Zhuang Zi)

Time and space are closely interconnected in Feng Shui. Each time has it own special qi energy and thus always influences the surrounding differently. The longest time period comprises 180 years, smaller units of time just span 20 years.

It is highly recommended to consult a Feng Shui practioneer when drastic changes suddenly appear in a house that dont seem be caused by external changes.

In 2024 there will be another major change in energies on earth, the one before occurred in 2004.

The bed position is important

Based on the cardinal directions the temporal influences are calculated using special formulas and transformed into the room. Specialists know what rooms are suitable for which person and how to activate a powerful qi by rearranging the furniture and giving the room a new layout. In this process the best position for the bed is the most important factor.

It was the famous doctor Paracelsus who stated already “The easiest way to destroy your health is to sleep in a sick bed.”

“Flying stars”

The surrounding that supports best a person in developing himself can also be analyzed using the birthday of this person. A technique called “Flying stars” is then used to determine whether a room has positive effects and supports the future of a person.  This technique consists of various formulas with which changing qualities are assigned to each cardinal direction and sectors.

The science of Feng Shui intends to place a person perfectly within his surrounding that he can develop in a perfect way.

Let the qi flow free

Landscape Feng Shui of is a part of the classical Feng Shui. Here the terms wind and water really apply, since the form school in Feng shui examines the forms of everything that is formed by wind and water (like rises in the ground, hills, mountains and so on). The form of the landscape makes the qi meander auspiciously in a soft way or stream fast thus being inauspicious.

History shows that also our ancestors in Europe tried to find a perfect place for cities and villages. They took those considerations into account because they wanted to find a place where people could live safely and have enough clean water and find food.  This means they avoided places where the rivers flew very fast and might cause floods.

Then the next step is to choose the best place for each person living in this house, this is a very individual process. Since the same energy can have different effects on different persons it is necessary in Feng Shui to analyze the basic energy that reigns in the house. At this point especially the direction of the front door, of the bed and the direction to look into when you sit at the dining table or on the sofa are taken into account. 

These directions will be calculated individually for each person living in this house. So everybody’s capability can be enhanced and used more effectively by placing the furniture in auspicious areas in this person’s house.

 This means the person will have a more relaxing sleep at night and thus be more energetic, motivated and powerful and most important, this person will be able “ to return to his center “. A very popular term for this phenomenon of the ideal condition is to “let the qi flow free”.

Design rooms individually

At last it is very important to design the rooms individually – since the rooms we live and work in are like a third skin covering us and influencing directly our lives.  Against the very popular idea that colors are very important in designing individually a room for somebody it is however decisive to have an auspicious room design and to tap the house, doors and furniture into those cardinal directions that are supportive to a person.


Feng Shui can be applied in all areas where we are dealing with the outer “shell” of a house or apartment, an office, a garden, in designing shopping centers, health centers, schools or hotel complexes. Feng Shui can be very important when a district of a city is evaluated or new boroughs are planned because it will create a positive energy that supports the people living there and enables them to have a prosperous life.

Like in the case of a healer’s office Feng Shui can have very positive effects on the healer himself but also on the clients in the waiting room, it can improve the approval and appreciation of his competence and create a respective and comfortable atmosphere between the client and the personnel or the personnel working in this office.

Prevention using Feng Shui

Our world is created in a way that we constantly react to our surrounding and we are a part of a very complex universe. When we modify our surrounding we should keep in mind these points and be aware of the fact that we can influence these modifications in a way we want to have it in order to support us.

In the field of prevention the willingness to change things – even if is only on the outside – will help a person to regain his balance since changes on the outside will finally cause internal changes.

Feng Shui restores balance

For me being a Feng Shui consultant the most fascinating is the level of predisposition of a client. This means to be able to react in a special moment when there are no signs of any sicknesses but can be detected in the room.

Until now non of our scientists was able to find a system that is that effective as Feng Shui in detecting and calculating disharmonies and most important to interfere and help to reestablish the balance.

The most important good of a person – is health

The most important aspect in prevention is to have a good place to get a relaxing sleep because this is the place where we spend most of our time.

During my time as Feng Shui expert I made many experiences and was always happy to see things develop in a very positive way after I was asked for consultation. Especially the most important good of a person was concerned – his health.

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