Advice: Qi Men Dunjia

Enhance your corporate strategy and take advantage of proven methods that date back to the Chinese emperor.

In imperial China the art of strategic warfare as an instrument of power was highly prestigious. To plan the smallest detail, in terms of time and space, led to huge victories and succes.

With Qimen Dunjia users gain a strategic advantage. In today’s business world, this doctrine is an essential factor for successful business transactions, decision support in important investments and for further company strategies and solution of conflicts.

Literally translated Qimen means “mysterious door” and Dun Jia “hide the leader”. Considered metaphysically it is assumed that in the space-time continuum holes (expressed by the “mystical gates”) and obstacles (represented by the “hidden signs”) exist. Users detect when the so-called “mystical gates” occure and where they are located. Knowing this, you can determine time and place for the planned business venture and execute it successfully.

The best time at the ideal place with a good strategy directs the Qi for your success!

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