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The Feng Shui Institute of Excellence

You want to become a Feng Shui professional and you are looking for a school where you can get a training of high quality?

The profession of a Feng Shui consultant is a career with a promising future. However, its success essentially depends on the quality of the training. The high standard of our certified Institute is the best quality label you can get as a consultant. In being a Feng Shui consultant you are free to work full time or part time. Master Petra Coll Exposito is the manager of the Feng Shui Institute of Excellence, she is an experienced Feng Shui expert and the Feng Shui consultant in Germany to hold the title of a Master by the “International Feng Shui Association”.


Master Petra Coll Exposito has studied under Grandmaster Yap Cheng Hai and Grandmaster Raymond Lo for a long time. They introduced her into the deepest secrets and taught her many formulas of the classical Feng Shui and the traditional Chinese astrology. It was already in the year 2002 that she was awarded the highest diploma of a Feng Shui Master. In addition to her work as a teacher and consultant she  regularly gives speeches on different international congresses.

Certified Feng Shui Training

The training to become a certified Feng Shui consultant of the Feng Shui Institute of Excellence consists of three modules of three days each. During those modules you will get to know the complex system of the 8 houses and the system of the Flying Stars. 

By applying these systems you will be able to enhance success, health and love. You will be capable to recognise how to activate existing potential and to realise the time influence on the environment and the people. By means of practical examples you will learn how to bring a difficult situation to a fruitful ending.


You should use the time between the modules to internalize the new knowledge and to acquire practice in analysing the ambience your own apartment. Of course, the training comprises a complete analysis of the floor plan of your own apartment including all factors of a professional Feng Shui consultation.


You will be given a detailed textbook.

Certified Feng Shui consultant

The modules we offer can be attended individually and are also appropriate for people seeking lateral moves or career changes. After having attended all three modules you will receive the coveted certificate of “Certified Feng Shui Consultant of the Feng Shui Institue of Excellence”.


During the formation are going to offer a broad knowledge of the classical Feng Shui by means of vivid presentations and illustrative teaching materials to the student. This comprehensive practical and theoretical training will give you essential skills to evaluate your personal living and working environment.



Feng Shui masters from the world-renowned Feng Shui Association “International Feng Shui Association” Singapore impart their knowledge in the Feng Shui Institute of Excellence.