Take advantage of a live with more harmony, success, happiness and quality.

By means of Feng Shui the polarity between Yin and Yang will be balanced thus creating a situation of an energy balance in that area. We experience this balance simply by feeling at ease in a particular room or by approaching the objectives that we aim at in our life more easily and faster. If the energy in our house is increased and balanced we can fell a comfortable harmony and energy.


Did you know that each room has a certain vibrancy that influences our body and soul? Take advantage of Feng Shui and improve actively the quality of your life. 

Have the house built that you
love to live in!

The best you can do is to implement Feng Shui right from the start when you plan to build a house. Many of our clients already experienced the positive effects when living in a house built according to classical Feng Shui.

Ms. Petra Coll Exposito is a highly educated Feng Shui expert and will use her vast experience when consulting your project for a new building or changing an existing building. She is a certified Feng Shui consultant with the title of a “Master” that was awarded to her by the “International Feng Shui Association Singapore”.

Pleasant room and working atmosphere

Feng Shui is also suitable for directors, company founders and managers who would like to increase their revenue and support their staff and clients.Take the chance and change your premises into an area where your clients like to be.

We support you with your large projects!

This useful and promising knowledge that and especially how a proper environment can massively influence a building and the people living in it in a positive way was documented in the early china as the theory of Feng Shui. 

Chinese Astrology

The Bazi Suanming consultation, also called „The Four Pillars of Destiny”, is derived from a person’s birth date, which allows for a differentiated analysis of the past, present and possible future of the person.

Qi Men Dunjia - Strategy

With Qimen Dunjia users gain a strategic advantage. In today’s business world, this doctrine is an essential factor for successful business transactions, decision support in important investments and for further company strategies and solution of conflicts.